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5867Re: Robothon Hack Session: Motion Control and Dead Reckoning Algorithms

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  • Dan Gates
    Apr 2, 2001
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      Wish I lived around there! I would really like to see any notes taken
      from your meeting, can someone post them if there were any taken??

      --- In SeattleRobotics@y..., "Larry Barello" <lbarello@q...> wrote:
      > Dave Anderson and I will be hosting a pre-Robothon Hack session on
      > evening, April 27th, at the Seattle Center House, with the topic
      > motion control and Dead Reckoning. Dave and I will be showing our
      > and discussing the software algorithms used to control them
      Depending upon
      > interests and questions, we can go into the details of PID control,
      > feedback mechanism, Odometry algorithms and navigation. Also being
      > discussed is the hardware needed to make accurate navigation
      > Don't just lurk! This isn't a formal tech session. There is no
      > just a couple of robot enthusiasts getting together to shoot the
      breeze and
      > learn from each other. Bring in your hardware and software or
      sketches and
      > lets compare notes. Anyone trying to control motion, be it a
      rolling base
      > or an articulated arm, or navigating a known or unknown environment
      > something to gain from this kind of get together.
      > Cheers!
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