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5843Robothon Hack Session: Motion Control and Dead Reckoning Algorithms

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  • Larry Barello
    Apr 1, 2001
      Dave Anderson and I will be hosting a pre-Robothon Hack session on Friday
      evening, April 27th, at the Seattle Center House, with the topic being
      motion control and Dead Reckoning. Dave and I will be showing our robots
      and discussing the software algorithms used to control them Depending upon
      interests and questions, we can go into the details of PID control,
      feedback mechanism, Odometry algorithms and navigation. Also being
      discussed is the hardware needed to make accurate navigation possible.

      Don't just lurk! This isn't a formal tech session. There is no lecture,
      just a couple of robot enthusiasts getting together to shoot the breeze and
      learn from each other. Bring in your hardware and software or sketches and
      lets compare notes. Anyone trying to control motion, be it a rolling base
      or an articulated arm, or navigating a known or unknown environment has
      something to gain from this kind of get together.

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