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48643Re: [SeattleRobotics] Help finding the right Servo

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    Aug 30 10:46 AM
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      Hello Laura,
           One of the very easiest ways to use a model aircraft servo to rotate a raven's head and use an inexpensive "Servo Tester" that you can find on Amazon.com to drive the servo.  Place "Servo Tester" in quotes and you'll see dozen's of these small, blue servo testers with a yellow arrow pop up.  I bought 4 for about $3.50 each. They have three modes - centering the servo, rotating the servo in the way that you turn the knob, and the third mode is cycling the servo back and forth- continually.  Buy a cheap servo from any hobby store or Amazon, and a battery pack.  You can buy a rechargeable battery pack of 4- AA cells, or buy a 4 cell battery holder and use 4 alkaline batteries. The rechargeable batteries will be 4.8 volts, or the 4-AA alkalines will be 6 volts- ok for the tester and cheap servo.  You might want to add a switch between the battery and the servo tester.
           Connecting the servo to the raven's head and placing the tester in the mode that has continual back and forth motion should do the trick.  No need to build or buy a cheap microcontroller as you cannot beat this price.
           Good luck,
           Tom C.


      I'm working on a project for a Halloween costume and would love some help.  I'm pretty new to the Seattle area and was excited to stumble upon this group!  I've done some basic electronics before (I put together a pretty killer Tron costume, if I do say so myself!) but moving into basic robotics is something new and I was hoping to get a little help from you fine ladies and gentlemen!

      I'm hoping to build a model raven and have it's head move slowly left and right.  Any advice on what kind of servo to get (or other ideas) would be greatly appreciated!  I'm excited to learn some new skills!



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