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48498Sumo contests for Robothon 2014

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  • Donna Smith
    Jul 12, 2014

      Hello Robot Builders,

      Wanted everyone to know the official Mini and 3kg Sumo rules are posted for the event on September 20th.


      To recap what we have Sumo-wise for this year:

      1) For the Mini division, we are using the steel ring. As builders we can take advantage of the metal surface or ignore it. One way to utilize the metal ring is to use magnetic systems to increase the apparent weight of your robot.

         Remember: To increase the apparent weight (and make it harder for your opponent to push you out of the ring) sounds intriguing but your robot must always be moving; to be compliant to the rules.... 

      2) For the 3kg division, this is the first time in several years that this contest will be run!!! We will be running both R\C and autonomous contests. For robots that are this big, you can increase the apparent weight of these robots as well by incorporating a vacuum system; but note same caution above in that your robot must always be moving... 

      I look forward to seeing all of you at Robothon this year with lots of crowd participation and great robot builds!!!! 

      So get your robots built and registered on the Robothon website!!!!


      Donna Smith

      Robothon planning committee

      Sumo contests champion
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