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48487RE: [SeattleRobotics] 3D printer service?

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  • Mark Kenworthy
    Jul 10, 2014
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      We have a MakerBot 2.  A bit of bumpy road early on, but once they fixed the print head, mechanically it seems pretty good.  We still have some backlash that we can’t completely eliminate in the Y axis, probably just due to the long drive train on that axis.  We recently added a borosilicate build platform, used with hair spray as an adhesive, and that has helped a lot too (having a very flat and consistent build platform).  Similarly, early on the software had a lot of issues, but they have continuously improved it and these days we’re happy with the prints we get.


      We do on occasion send out parts to be printed, primarily if they require finer detail or accuracy than we can get from the MakerBot 2, or if they require a soluble support material due to the complexity of the part.  But that is a rare exception.  Most of what we want we can get from the MakerBot 2.  And the outsourced place we use is a dealer for printers, so they are doing the prints more as a lead-in to a possible sale, not as a real service.


      Good filament is expensive, at least if you look at the material costs of a 3D print compared to something that was injection molded.  We print exclusively with PLA.


      We have an OpenBeam Kossel Pro coming to us in the next few weeks, and are excited to get that printer.  We expect to achieve higher accuracy and near zero backlash due to the careful design of those printers.  The print quality of the prototype unit was excellent, and they have made many improvements in the production product.




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      Hi, I've been lurking for years ... am curious if anybody has a 3D printer or used a 3D printer service.

      It would be great to hear / share your experience with the printer or service!

      Thanks, Caesar.


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