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48290Re: Making multiple face recognition - easy!

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  • robojrr
    Mar 9, 2014

      >>good idea but only problem using the sdk is all other sensors or add-ons cant be used unless you make a code for each one cant use the builder and sdk together thats what DJ said,so every sensors,motor control and more needs a code for it almost have to make EZ-BUILDER from scratch


      EZ-Face is designed to work with 3rd party application via TCP/IP communication.  EZ-Face can use TCP communication to communicate back and forth with EZ-Builder as is and as demonstrated in the video.  It can also be used to communicate with your own custom applications, even those you built out of the EZ-Robot SDK, as long as you integrate a TCP communication function.


      Happy Roboting,

      -Justin Ratliff

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