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48188Re: [RoboMinds] Resurrecting my 68332 MRM

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  • dpa_io
    Jan 18, 2014


      I use minicom from my linux laptop (or desktop) for download to the MRM board.   After the "ef" function erases the flash,  at the cpu32bug prompt, I type "lo"  enter, and then control-A takes me back to minicom and S sends an ascii file.   I also use the "packhex" command after compile to reduce the S19 file size (just packs it more regularly).

      Really the MRM board is the best robot controller board I've ever used.  I picked up a beaglebone black over the hoildays, and it is intriquing.    Looks like a pretty steep learning curve, though. 

      Any chance of sharing your linux bdm kernel module?  

      best regards,


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