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48185RE: [RoboMinds] Resurrecting my 68332 MRM

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  • Mark Castelluccio
    Jan 17, 2014

      Do you get a checksum error reported when you boot CPU32Bug?  If so, you have a corrupted CPU32Bug and it needs to be reloaded using BDM.


      Can you load the mctest.s19 routine?  Does it run and pass the RAM test?


      In the MRM version of CPU32Bug, the EF command is a macro.  The macro is ‘go $8e800’.  Which runs a routine in the flash that erases the user area of the flash.  The command response looks correct except that you do not return to the command prompt.  If I remember correctly, the erase routine copies itself into the internal RAM of the 68332 and runs from there.


      The external RAM is only powered by the battery when power is not connected.  With power connected, the RAM should work with or without the battery.




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      Hi all,


      After a many years away from the robotics hobby I've found a bit of time to dip a toe back in and so I'm trying to resurrect my 68332 Mini robomind board but am having some issues getting anything loaded into it.


      I plan to get GDB debugging working with my BDM pod again, but first I thought I'd simply see if I could load a hello world program via the serial port and cpu32bug.


      I've managed to get kermit to connect to cpu32bug using the following settings:


       set line /dev/ttyUSB0

      set speed 9600

      set carrier-watch off

      set flow-control none

      set parity none

      set stop-bits 1

      set flow-control xon/xoff


      However cpu32bug will get to the prompt, take a command and then hang. I can't get it to load a program, even erasing the flash doesn't complete. e.g. 


      CPU32Bug Debugger/Diagnostics - Version  1.00                                  

       (C) Copyright 1991 by Motorola Inc.                       





      CPU32Bug>go $8e800

      Effective address: 0008E800

      <= cursor stops blinking here and everything hangs


      I know I'm probably the last one in the world playing with one of these, but if anyone has any ideas they'd be much appreciated!


      One final though - if the battery for the battery backed RAM was dead would that be a likely candidate for the cause of this type of issue?






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