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48183Resurrecting my 68332 MRM

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  • James Fitzsimons
    Jan 17, 2014
      Hi all,

      After a many years away from the robotics hobby I've found a bit of time to dip a toe back in and so I'm trying to resurrect my 68332 Mini robomind board but am having some issues getting anything loaded into it.

      I plan to get GDB debugging working with my BDM pod again, but first I thought I'd simply see if I could load a hello world program via the serial port and cpu32bug.

      I've managed to get kermit to connect to cpu32bug using the following settings:

       set line /dev/ttyUSB0
      set speed 9600
      set carrier-watch off
      set flow-control none
      set parity none
      set stop-bits 1
      set flow-control xon/xoff

      However cpu32bug will get to the prompt, take a command and then hang. I can't get it to load a program, even erasing the flash doesn't complete. e.g. 

      CPU32Bug Debugger/Diagnostics - Version  1.00                                  
       (C) Copyright 1991 by Motorola Inc.                       

      CPU32Bug>go $8e800
      Effective address: 0008E800
      <= cursor stops blinking here and everything hangs

      I know I'm probably the last one in the world playing with one of these, but if anyone has any ideas they'd be much appreciated!

      One final though - if the battery for the battery backed RAM was dead would that be a likely candidate for the cause of this type of issue?


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