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  • Kevin Ross
    Nov 22, 2013

      We hosted the movies on popcast.com in 1999. Popcast.com didn’t survive the dot com bust, so lesson learned: Can’t depend on online startups as long term solutions.


      I will look around to see if I have a copy, but that was 14 years ago!




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      What happened to the movies of Rodney?

      I get page not found.



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      We have some pretty decent history in the Encoder

      http://www.seattlerobotics.org/encoder/nov99/Robothon.html for example was one of our biggest Robothon contests ever.

      Visit the Encoder web page and search for robothon. There is material from the early days. Excuse the quality of the pictures. I used one of the first digital cameras available. These are ‘high resolution photos’ for the time.


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      Hello Steve and All SRS Members,

           I was asked to do an article on the SRS Robothon for Servo Magazine.  I am presently down in Southern California at our timeshare condo and I would like to honor that request and complete the article.

           I was promised some good photographs by several people to use in the article.

           Do any of you have some great photos of the different events and a bit of history about the Robothon and the RoboMagellan contest?

           I'll credit photographers for the submitted photographs.


           Tom Carroll

      Greetings Everyone,

      I finally got my act together and loaded this year's meeting notes to the YG. I also put notes back up to 2001. We now have 2GB of space!!

      For those who attend the meetings in Renton, here are the questions I asked. Please respond at secretary@....

      - Should anything be changed in our current meeting agenda?

      - Can the workshop lunch arrangements be left to individuals?

      - Any suggested changes to the presentations?

      - Any other comments or suggestions?


      Steve K.

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