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  • twcarroll@...
    Nov 19, 2013
      Hello Steve and All SRS Members,
           I was asked to do an article on the SRS Robothon for Servo Magazine.  I am presently down in Southern California at our timeshare condo and I would like to honor that request and complete the article.
           I was promised some good photographs by several people to use in the article.
           Do any of you have some great photos of the different events and a bit of history about the Robothon and the RoboMagellan contest?
           I'll credit photographers for the submitted photographs.
           Tom Carroll

      Greetings Everyone,


      I finally got my act together and loaded this year's meeting notes to the YG. I also put notes back up to 2001. We now have 2GB of space!!


      For those who attend the meetings in Renton, here are the questions I asked. Please respond at secretary@....


      - Should anything be changed in our current meeting agenda?

      - Can the workshop lunch arrangements be left to individuals?

      - Any suggested changes to the presentations?

      - Any other comments or suggestions?




      Steve K.

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