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48117Photos From Robothon for Servo Magazine

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  • twcarroll@...
    Nov 6, 2013
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      Hi SRS,
           I am trying to compile photos for an article for Servo Magazine and have received a few from Carol and those few I managed to take, myself.  Several other people agreed to send me photos of the different events, but I have received very few.  It is getting late and I'd like to get the article to Servo as soon as possible.
           I would greatly appreciate some more photos of the event, and several paragraphs on the SRS and the growth of the Robothon.  How many years have we been having Robothon, and what was the first year of the RoboMagellan?  If you send me photos, could you also include what the event was and who the different people are in the photo. Please realize that these will be in a magazine and should present scenes and information that would be of interest to all those who have an interest in robotics.  I will try to include the photographer's name for each photo.
           Tom Carroll
           (360) 887-5207