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48092Re: [SeattleRobotics] Predicting Robot Position in a Differentially Steered Robot While Turning

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  • Peter Balch
    Oct 17, 2013

      When you say DB25 do you mean you want an RS232 connection with RTS/CTS or
      do you mean something else (such as a parallel printer port)?

      (I haven't really been following this conversation - I only seem to get a
      few of the SRS messages. Yours come through fine but, say, Matthew's and
      Tony's didn't. I can't see how my setting could get that to happen!)

      Let's say, you're using an android phone as a hand-held remote control or

      If all you want is RS232 then use something like an HC05/HC07 or (more
      reliably) RN41/RN42.

      We use RN42s every day to android phones/tablets and they work extremely
      well (at 9600 or at 115kb/s). We found HC07s would work well with some
      phones but not with others so we swapped to RN42s. I personally found HC07s
      worked just fine with every Windows PC I tried.

      Given how cheap HC07s are, why would anyone fit a serial cable umbilical to
      a robot?

      I've used FTDI chips in a different project and found them to be a bit of a
      pain. We _had_ to use them because we wanted high bit rates but I reckon an
      RN42 at 115kb/s is enough for most hobby robot work.

      Alternatively, if you're using an android phone inside a robot as its brain
      then, once again, use an HC07 to do the comms from the phone to the robot
      hardware. It may seem crazy to use bluetooth over a couple of cms but it's
      very easy compared with the alternatives. We've done it that way putting an
      android tablet as a display inside a vandal-proof box connected (inside the
      box) via BT to an HC07 on our hardware. The alternative (a serial cable) was
      ludicrously difficult.

      Maybe I've got the wrong end of the stick - as I say, I don't see all the

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