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48014Re: [SeattleRobotics] Re: Robomagellan rules question

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  • KM6VV
    Sep 5, 2013
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      Maybe Robomagellan could be viewed as two two contests in one. One,
      steering to one or more goals (way-points) and navigating obstacles.
      Two, finding (detecting) and navigating to a defined object (cone). If
      your GPS is good enough, one might not need the vision, or vice-versa?

      What's more important, the vision or way-point navigation?
      Accomplishing both can be quite difficult (I'm still working on mine).
      Maybe a simpler "entry level" contests could do just the vision? Or
      just way-point navigation?

      I've pondered the best way to get way-points into my 'bot. Just driving
      the 'bot around the course and saving all the moves seems a little too
      much. But simply saving the way-points yourself with another GPS should
      be fine, it's just duplicating the creation of the way-point list.

      I want a hand held GPS that writes to an SD card. Or one might extract
      GPS coordinates from a Google-Earth map. How do the judges make up the
      way-point list?

      Alan KM6VV
      HBRobotics club.

      On 9/5/2013 8:26 AM, dpa_io wrote:
      > Hey Randy, not to be dis'ing jBot, it needs no "pre-walk" to run a Robomagellan course! Just the target waypoints. It figures out everything else by itself.
      > However, from where I sit, "cheating" has not been so much a problem with RoboMagellan, as has been "participation." Over emphasis on the former seems to depress the later.
      > dpa
      > --- In SeattleRobotics@yahoogroups.com, "Randy M. Dumse" <rmd@...> wrote:
      >> I really don't know David. Here are two very similar cases, how can you say
      >> no them?
      >> 1.) I bring a robot with a handheld GPS. I leave the robot at the start,
      >> and walk the handheld CPS only on the course.
      >> 2.) I bring two GPS (let them both be handhelds, OR, two identical phones
      >> with GPS). I walk one phone/GPS. I leave the other on the robot back at the
      >> start. I transfer the information from one to the other. (Could be by
      >> exchanging MicroSD, or even by nearfield communications with nothing
      >> physical from the walk'd one to the sitting one.
      >> If you don't exclude using identical GPS equipment in both cases, what's the
      >> difference? And wasn't this the original idea , for example with JBot, where
      >> DPA was going to be able to detach his ETrax, and walk with it?
      >> Randy
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