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47656Re: [SeattleRobotics] Re: Robomagellan cone color(s) and cmvision

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  • KM6VV
    Feb 22, 2013
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      Sounds like a future project. There is a "blobfinder" in the cmvision
      package(s), so I can at lest "learn" the color of a cone.

      Thanks for the ROSCon 2012 link;

      Alan KM6VV

      On 2/22/2013 4:10 PM, Will Smith wrote:
      > The slider feature I'm using is specific to OpenCV and is part of the UI
      > code along with window display, and is just a convenience. Under the
      > hood it is just a simple Qt framework slider. We've written Qt-based
      > OCU UI's for ROS at work so it's possible to get the same effect. I'm
      > not sure if there are "out of the box" slider controls in ROS but you
      > may be able to find one in the many, many packages :)
      > My current implementation is just standalone and the ROS version will
      > probably be heavily mutated, as of now I'm just saving a text file
      > (specifically YAML format) which would could be easily tweaked at the
      > last minute.
      > Max, I'd definitely take a look at ROS! It's a huge effort.
      > Here are the videos from ROSCon last year, they cover a lot of the major
      > features:
      > http://roscon.ros.org/2012/?page_id=33
      > -Will
      > KF7LGG
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