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47306SMT toaster oven problems

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  • Peter Balch
    Oct 24, 2012
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      Whe I first tried SMT soldering user a toaster oven it worked wonderfully.

      But now it doesn't. Most of the solder more-or-less melts and the components
      are stuck down but there's a lot of grey goo (i.e. solder paste) left on the
      pcb near to the pads.

      I'm pretty sure I 'm using the same I'm using the same temperature profile -
      it's the same oven and it doesn't have any sort of temperature control. It's
      the same solder paste. So what's going wrong?

      Am I seeing an effect of the solder paste ageing? I've kept it in the fridge
      as one is supposed to but it is now a few months old.

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