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46386RE: [SeattleRobotics] Re: Accurate odometry

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  • Alan
    Jan 3, 2012
      OK, I can see how that would work. And probably simple enough to model.

      I'm "drawn" towards a solution that uses a force-type mapping of the
      important elements effecting navigation, something I know I've seen before
      (but don't remember where). Some sort of vector attraction/repulsion model,
      based on something like magnetic attraction. The solution is then "pulled"
      in the proper way to continue towards the target, and avoid the

      Of course, I'm still working with a much simpler model, only "seeking"
      either the object I want to move, or the goal I want to deposit the object

      Alan KM6VV

      > -----Original Message-----
      > On Behalf Of Peter Balch
      > Alan
      > > When exactly does DPA switch back and forth from wall following?
      > He says:
      > jBot in its current enlightenment attempts to solve this problem by
      > switching between waypoint navigation mode and perimeter following
      > mode.
      > When it "determines" that it is in a cul de sac, it switches to a
      > or wall-following mode, and continues in that mode until it "determines"
      > that its path to the next waypoint is no longer blocked, at which time it
      > returns to waypoint navigation mode.
      > As might be obvious, the big problem here is how the robot "determines"
      > when
      > to switch between the two modes. I am still working on this, but the
      > method is quite simple. The robot switches on wall-following when/if it
      > finds itself heading directly away from the target waypoint. And it
      > back to waypoint mode when/if it finds itself heading directly toward the
      > target waypoint.
      > Presumably, "directly toward" is within 20deg of the target heading or
      > somesuch.
      > Peter
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