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46376Re: [SeattleRobotics] Re: Accurate odometry

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  • Peter Balch
    Jan 1, 2012
      From: Alan
      > > It's called Buggy.zip
      > > It doesn't seem to have appeared yet so here it is on my website:
      > > http://www.peterbalch.btinternet.co.uk/buggy.htm
      > What is the criteria for a good pass-by? Maybe add a "hits" counter? Just
      > a thought.

      Not sure what you mean. A pass by the Target happens when the buggy gets
      within 20 pixels. The target then jumps to somewhere else on the screen.

      It's rather reminiscent of the way navigation works in Bamzooki

      Bamzooki is intriguing for those of us who are interested in robot
      user-interfaces (i.e. just me AFAIK), It's meant for small children to be
      able to create legged robots and then to have them navigate. The interesting
      thing about the user-interface for describing gaits is that it doesn't
      exist. A child can stick random legs on and the program will steer the
      resulting robot towards successive waypoints by walking harder on one side.
      I think the program knows how to "walk" by recognising the class of legs
      used but I don't know how it coordinates the phases of legs on different

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