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45437Re: [SeattleRobotics] Neato wifi

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  • Dave Curtis
    Jul 1, 2011
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      On Jul 1, 2011, at 12:28 PM, Bruce J Weimer MD wrote:

      > Dave,
      > Thanks for the information!
      > I don't really need a processor on the Neato since I plan to do all the
      > processing on the desktop. I just need to be able to link the desktop to
      > the Neato somehow (somehow other than a really long USB cable). So the
      > question is: Is there a Linux compatible USB wifi dongle that I could use?

      If you go with a Chumby, any RT73-based dongle should be plug-and-play. If you go to the Adafruit wiki site, there are a couple of tutorials on using a Chumby or Chumby Hacker Board with WiFi. One is by me, on how to set up the Chumby to serve as an AP but without any back-haul, which allows the robot to serve as the AP for it's own WiFi network, which is very convenient since that way you don't need to cart along an AP and have another piece of equipment that can fail or be forgotten or have flat batteries or...

      The Chumby One came with an RT73 WiFi stick in it, if you can still find one of those to hack. Sparkfun had refurb Chumby RT73 WiFi dongles (no case, just naked PCB) for under $10 for a while, check their stock situation, they may be out. I printed a very nice case for the Sparkfun dongle on my Makerbot Cupcake, but haven't gotten around to uploading the design to Thingiverse.

      Also, google with terms something like "bob smith chumby robot" or such... Bob was the original pioneer of using Chumby's on robots. He did a nice paper on basic chumby set up that is directly applicable to robot hackers. That white paper is the root reference to most chumby-based robot hacking. Ironically, I based my Chumby access point write up on a blog posting by another guy that based his post on Bob's paper -- a few days later I saw Bob at an HBRC meeting and he was using my wiki article to bring up a new Chumby -- closing the loop :)

      Hash79's blog, "Random Workshop" if I recall correctly, has a posting about doing exactly what you want -- using the Chumby as a wireless serial cable to talk to an XV-11. (Hash is the guy that won the XV-11 Lidar hacking prize.) He found a nice little telnet redirect package that works great for wireless serial applications. So if you can get an RT73-based dongle, which is about the only one that reliably does AP mode on the Chumby, then set it up for AP mode, and add Hash's telnet redirector, you should be all set. Any WiFi device can join the robot's network, telnet in, and talk to the XV-11 directly.

      Good luck!


      > Has anyone done this? Any information or better ideas would be appreciated!
      > Dr. Bruce.
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