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42864Re: [SeattleRobotics] Kids Robotics classes

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  • Adeilton Oliveira
    Jul 1 3:28 AM
      I recommend www.babuinoproject.blogspot.com

      Steve Kozachik wrote:
      I've never seen a robotics class for kids, but there are lots of competitions.  Most seem to be aimed at older ages.
      I set up a very informal Rover Girls Robot Club for my niece and her friends, and have been following a loose progression of projects.  First was brush bots, lots of Instructables and Google videos on how.  Next was working as a team to build a Parallax BOE Bot, and program it to line follow.  Tons of info on that at parallax.com.
      Current project, interferred with by summer vacation schedules, is to hack a Thunder Tumbler (see Instructables for info) into a photovore.  I get the Thunder Tumblers at local thrift stores (without remote controls) for about $3.  You can order "refills" or "refresher kits" for BOE Bots from Parallax and get a good deal on sensors to turn them into photovores or phobes.
      Next step is planned to be arduino controllers to actually do a bit of programming on the Thunder Tumblers.  Lots of room "under the hood" on the toys.  You can get the chip and board, with bootloader, from Ebay.  Or get chips and program them separately.  Then use breadboards to mount them.
      If you have specific questions, we can go offline and exchange ideas via direct email.
      Steve K.

      From: Kavita Jain <kavitaj@gmail. com>
      To: SeattleRobotics@ yahoogroups. com
      Sent: Tue, June 29, 2010 12:03:53 PM
      Subject: [SeattleRobotics] Kids Robotics classes


      I am looking for Robotics classes for kids (age 10 and above),
      Can someone please recommend any?
      thanks, Kavita

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