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42212Sad news from your ex-president of the SRA board

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  • Jim
    Apr 1, 2010
      First let me say that my presidency of the Seattle R-word Association has been very fun. The SRA, which includes, The Seattle OLEF Society, The R-word-thon committee, Western Allied R-Word, FIRST WA and VEX WA, has grown to an amazing organization. I really do feel that all the members have made these organization truly amazing.

      In the last year and a half we have pulled off some very large events on very little money and each and everyone of you deserve my thanks. Unfortunately, it is due to these very events that other Puget Sound Societies have take notice of us. One in particular has decided to have it's lawyers read through out Bylaws and the have found a small loop hole, that, in a letter I received today, has removed me as president of the board. Dissolved the board, and replaced it with their own associations board.

      As of noon today the SRA and affiliated members are now under the control of the Bellevue Botanical Association. In the letter they praise us for being an outstanding organization and wish not to make many changes. However the changes that they are going to make are:

      1.The use of the R-word is banned. The R-word is replaced with either the R-word, or Our Little Electronic Friends (OLEF).

      2.All power sources must be of renewable food acids, copper and zinc rods. To this end each of WAR's 30 pound R-words will have to be powered by 600 pounds of lemons per match.

      3.The use of plastic is banned and wood shall be used in it's place. They are switching FIRST Lego League to FIRST Lincoln Log League (FLLL)

      4.Most of R-word-thon's contests will need to be re-worked.
      a.Magellan has been replaced with a 5cm by 5cm course in which snails will have to find rocks.
      b.The sumo ring is now 4 inches round for the slug wrestling. This will allow us to have 25 matches running at the same time, which will we need since each match now lasts an hour.
      c.Humming Bird Feeder Frenzy, in which contestants will build the most attractive humming bird feeders. During the contest we will release 20,000 humming birds into the Center House and the feeder with the lease amount of water in it at the end of the day is the winner.

      5.The SRS presentations will take on a bit of a change. From now on speakers can only be chosen from Biology and Horticultural departments of colleges.

      Again let me say it was my pleasure being your president and I hope our new set of leaders take us into a bright new future (of mostly outdoor activities).

      -Jim Wright
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