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42174Re: [SeattleRobotics] Looking to share an order of Polymorph (Polycaprolactone/ShapeLock/themo set plastic/low melting-temperature polymer)

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  • David Buckley
    Mar 1, 2010
      Just a little thought on Polymorph.
      It is an interesting low friction material and capable as is Acetal (Delrin) of forming both halves of a bearing, unlike nylon, and as you have shown it makes acceptable hinges.
      The Crabfu and Heart-project creations do have a biological look to them.
      However they knew what they were making before they started.
      It is no good having warmed Polymorph and pushing it this way and that expecting, miraculously, a robot will rise up like the T2000 morphing from the floor to a cop.
      I know there are those who think they can create their robots as a CAD model, however this doesn't seem to work otherwise we would be awash with neat robots. There is always something missing in a CAD model, generally gravity.
      I find it is much simpler to stack up the servos, battery boxes, circuit boards etc on cups, erasers, bits of wood, etc, in the general desired configuration and then it is easy to take measurements.
      You have got to know what you are building before you start. The CAD program isn't going to do it for you and neither is Polymorph.
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