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41471Autonomy is as autonomy does

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  • dcwjobs2004
    Dec 2, 2009
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      Here is an interesting quote from an article in ControlDesign.com.

      "However, automated machines are not autonomous. Material deviations or component malfunctions still require an operator to investigate and alleviate the situation."

      This points to an interesting definition of "autonomous", as meaning that a machine can operate (correctly) without operator intervention even in situations of malfunctions, etc.

      This looks close to an operational definition. The degree of autonomy (0-100%) could be defined by the degree of operator intervention required to keep the machine doing its job. A simple approach would be that autonomy is the percentage of problems (weighted for severity) that the machine can handle in its normal range of operation versus those that require human intervention.

      Just got me thinking,

      Dave Wyland
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