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41450re: electronic cad

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  • Chris Baron
    Dec 1, 2009
      I've used Corel Draw for many years for all kinds of things from yard
      signs to CAD to book illustrations. You can get legal older versions on
      ebay for $25 or so and you get piles of fonts and clipart as well.

      For mechanical CAD we often do a 2D outline. Paste the printout (100%
      scale) onto metal or plastic and cut/drill to match.

      IIRC Corel has an electronic symbol clipart library along with
      connecting line segments that move with the symbols. I use Eagle for
      schematics but I realize some people don't want to climb the learning curve.


      > I've been searching for a windows equivalent of the old Macintosh
      > MacDraw,- a basic drawing program that is not a CAD type. I could do
      > some amazing
      > things with the old MacDraw. I have AutoCad LT and Autocad 2000 and
      > something on my computer, but something as simple as MacDraw with
      > shading,
      > snap-to grids, etc. is so much more handy.
      > Tom C.
      > In a message dated 11/29/2009 11:21:41 P.M. Pacific Standard Time,
      > kb7wnz@... <mailto:kb7wnz%40hotmail.com> writes:
      > I'm looking for suggestions to do simple electronic cad or drawings.
      > I've been running into the need to send drawings out lately for some
      > simple
      > stuff and I'm sure there's some thing better than MS paint.
      > Thanks Rob
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