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40704Re: Need suggestions for a motor control chip

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  • Chris Baron
    Oct 1, 2009
      Try the TLE5206 from Infineon. It will work within the parameters you state. It is a single chip H-bridge in TO-220-7. I think Digikey has them in singles.


      > Posted by: "yellowlaser" fll-freak@... yellowlaser
      > Date: Thu Oct 1, 2009 5:35 am ((PDT))
      > Update:
      > I managed to get something working last night. Turns out I had three cascading problems that prevented the transistor/FET method from working.
      > I controlled a 2n2222 transistor from the micro. The 2n2222 switched the raw system voltage (~9 volts) used to control the gate of the FET. This was enough voltage to turn on the FET. Works well at 20KHz.
      > I still do not like the solution due to the extra parts and would still love a suggestion for a good part.
      > -Skye Sweeney
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