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40524RE: [SeattleRobotics] Re: Perspectives on FIRST?

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  • Doug Leppard
    Sep 1, 2009

      I used to have a robotics hobby, then I got into FIRST seven years ago and it destroyed my robotic hobby, no personal time for that.  As it was said already it becomes crack for some, it is addictive.


      FIRST is more than robots, kids learn teamwork, how to run a business, fund raising, web design, working through team issues, real world problem solving, PR and much more.


      There is a real family atmosphere as you go to competitions and there is more yelling and screaming than any high school game I have gone to.


      My suggestion if you are just getting started is start with FTC, much more manageable and many issues are the same just smaller.


      If you do an FRC get another team to adopt you, they will want to do that, FIRST encourages them to do so.  Next for us, the secret is the college mentors that have been in FIRST since they were in highs school.  They bring in a lot of experience being involved in FIRST in the past, I am the engineering lead for our team but I turn to our college mentors often on the best way to go.


      So go for it, you will have a run for your life.

      Doug Leppard
      Global ConneXion Director
      Global Technology Office
      Campus Crusade for Christ International

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      Thanks so much for filling in that part of the picture, Phil! Really helpful insights and information!

      - Robin

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      > Hi
      > My experiences with FIRST are at all three levels... FLL (FIRST LEGO
      League), FTC and FRC.
      > All are great programs. Kevin's explanation was spot on.
      > One difference Kevin didn't mention between FTC and FRC is the time you
      have to build the robot.
      > With FRC (Big robots) you have about 6 weeks from game release to robot
      ship, and you don't get to see your robot between competitions.
      > With FTC (Smaller robots) you have between 3 and 5 months to build your
      robot (depending on when you compete) and you are alowed to modify your robot between competitions.
      > Consequently there is more "teaching time" with FTC, and it's
      not quite as intense. This is how the kids are able to do more of the work. FTC also has the concept of an "Engineering notebook" which is part of the judging process at competition.
      > Yes, FRC is much more demanding, but in many ways it reflects the
      "real world" even more closely. Not enough time, space or processing power to do everything you need to.
      > All fun stuff.
      > Phil.
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      "Kevin Ross" <kevinro@> wrote:
      > >
      > > Hello Robin.
      > >
      > > There are a couple of ways to participate in FIRST. There are two
      different programs for high schools.

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