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40302Re: [SeattleRobotics] OT: computer expert question

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  • Giuseppe Marullo
    Jul 31, 2009
      Thanks for the feedback, there are a lot of NAS on the market for home
      usage, but either they lack performance (100FE vs gigabit and/or poor
      transfer rate) or the price is way too high.
      QNAP is not cheap but performance seems good, and it has iscsi

      >If you're sensitive to cost, you can probably set something up cheaper
      >using one of the free packages, but for me I didn't have any spare

      Yes, but I decided long ago to prefer fanless stuff for home. A fanless
      pc will cost more, and probably I will end with a screwed system,
      probably broken by me hacking packages with my data inside. Much better
      a dedicated machine for this, data will be safer (from me!).

      My actual rig:
      Fritz 7270 access point
      - Probably the richest feature set available in the world
      Proventia GX3002
      http://www-935.ibm.com/services/us/index.wss/offering/iss/a1030585 (it
      protect the pppoe link, actually inactive because I use the internal
      modem of the Fritz)
      Catalyst (but most of the time is off, huge noise) and a netgear gigabit
      Skype Phone RTX3088 http://dualphone.net/DUALphone_3088_for_Skype-789.aspx

      If you know a fanless cheap gigabit vlan capable switch drop me a note...

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