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40105Re: [SeattleRobotics] Re: Beyond tripods...

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  • Peter Balch
    Jun 1, 2009
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      > We certainly have differing perspectives. It seems to
      > me BD is a "sprawled" posture to exactly the same
      > extent that the 2 humans in the Beta costume version
      > that BD was based upon are sprawled posture.
      > Just because you bend your legs doesn't mean you've shifted from upright
      > to sprawled.

      I was calling it sprawled because it has a 90deg bend at the coxa/femur
      joint. The femur/tibia joint stays pretty straight when the foot is down so
      it's equivalent to the leg of a "standard quadruped robot" except that it's
      H-plan rather than X-plan. That's totally unlike the "robot" shown in the
      Beta costume version.

      Aha, I think I may see why we have such differt perspectives.

      I'm referring, of course, to last year's model (the latest, I think) as
      shown in the 17 Mar 2008 video

      The older model from a year before _was_ like the Beta costume version, see
      the 20 Apr 2007 video

      The old model certainly had a "mammalian" stance. I agree with all of your
      arguments about Old Big Dog. But for New Big Dog, the designers have decided
      that an H-plan "lizard" stance is superior.

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