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36592[SeattleRobotics] Electronic filters

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  • ray xu
    Aug 1, 2008
      Hi, I have questions with electronic filters. Based on DPRG, they say "it's
      another world of electronics" and so most DPRG members don't know abut it.
      I can also barely figure out anything from my book.

      Here's my schematic:

      This is straight out from my Laser Ranger schematic. BTW, R3's value is
      76.9K Ohms. R5 is adjustment, if any is needed. The point where the
      photodiode and R3 meet is the input. Pin 1 of IC8 is the output. This is a
      narrow-bandpass filter and has center frequency of 2kHz. My question is
      that if I input a 2kHz, 2vP-P voltage at the input, would the output be
      2vP-P, or the rails of the voltage supply? I got his straight out from the
      book "Practical Electronics for Inventors". It's on page 264, fig 8.12.

      Again, thanks for helping out with my school project.

      Ray Xu
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