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36359Re: [SeattleRobotics] Processing Language for Robotics?

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  • Mike Payson
    Jun 1, 2008
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      Processing is based on Java, and it's embedded cousin Wiring is based
      on C++. I'm not as familiar with Processing as I am with Wiring, but I
      know that Wiring is basically a set of classes and defines that hide
      some of the more complex aspects of C++. The code compiles just as if
      you had written it directly in C++, and it executes on the MCU at
      native speeds just like C++. I assume that Processing works basically
      the same way, but it executes on a PC.

      On Sat, May 31, 2008 at 2:31 PM, Peter Balch <peterbalch@...> wrote:
      > From: "Win Heagy" <wheagy@...>
      >> Has anyone tried or heard of the Processing Language being used for
      >> robotics work? http://processing.org
      > I wandered around the various links from that site for a while. Many of the
      > "exhibition" exhibits were impressive when compared with the small amount of
      > code that runs them.
      > Is there an overview of Processing anywhere? Is Processing built on top of
      > Java? Is it just Java plus some nice class libraries? What is it?
      > Peter
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