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36347Re: Processing Language for Robotics?

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  • Win Heagy
    Jun 1, 2008
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      Processing is mainly intended to bridge the gap between artists and
      programmers, allowing artists to create visual software with minimal
      code. It seems to succeed very well in that respect. It's gone a bit
      farther though and a nice library of tools that robotics people might
      find useful has been written. It's particularly impressive to see how
      little code is need to read and process a video stream. The same is
      true for images. There are demos for face detection that utilize the
      openCV library, and it is done in fewer lines of code than I've ever
      seen before.

      Processing is based on Java, and the code is cross platform (OS X,
      Windows, and Linux). Code can be exported to executables for each
      platform, embedded in web pages, etc. Oh, and the whole thing is
      free. It's really one of the more impressive languages I've seen in
      some time. Lots of fun to mess around with and may be very useful for
      robotics work.


      --- In SeattleRobotics@yahoogroups.com, "Peter Balch" <peterbalch@...>
      > I wandered around the various links from that site for a while. Many
      of the
      > "exhibition" exhibits were impressive when compared with the small
      amount of
      > code that runs them.
      > Is there an overview of Processing anywhere? Is Processing built on
      top of
      > Java? Is it just Java plus some nice class libraries? What is it?
      > Peter
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