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36068Re: [SeattleRobotics] Re: Robotic control algorithms

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  • Peter Balch
    May 1, 2008
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      > A "large" Kp will not only produce high acceleration but also will
      > overshoot (and over-correct). The longer the delay in reaching a stable
      > speed after an applied correction, the worse the overshoot.

      I really don't see that.

      dP/dt (i.e. velocity) is self-perpetuating - hence momentum. Momentum gives
      rise to overshoot in a P controller.

      dV/dt (i.e. acceleration) is not self-perpetuating. There is no equivalent
      of momentum for acceleration. Hence velocity cannot overshoot in a P
      controller. (Assuming all the caveats in my last post about instant power
      control and no sensor lag.)

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