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  • PeterBalch
    Jan 14, 2008
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      Dr. Bruce.
      > Interesting question and explanation - except that butterflies actually
      > 6 legs.... 4 long and 2 short.

      OK, I looked it up. In Danaidae (monarchs), Satyridae (whites, graylings)
      and Nymphalidae (emperors) the two front legs are very short, have no claws
      and are useless for walking. I thought Papillionidae (swallowtails) were
      the same but they're not, they have 6 good legs.

      It gets wierder. In Riodinidae, the males have 4 walking legs but the
      females have 6.

      Lycaenidae (blues) and Hesperidae (skippers) all have 6 legs.

      What on earth can one learn from that?

      Anyway, Alan asked what "bugs" are quadrupeds. I said mantises, monarchs
      and swallowtails. I was wrong about swallowtails. I was taught all this
      stuff decades ago so forgive me if I'm a bit rusty. I even spent one summer
      as a student doing fieldwork in the west of Virginia catching swallowtails
      and monarchs so I certainly _ought_ to have remembered the details.

      I still can't think of any other arthropods with just 4 walking legs. I
      think some crustacean larvae have only 4 legs but they don't use them for

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