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34154Re: [SeattleRobotics] PIC C programming - which compiler should I use?

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  • dlc
    Dec 1, 2007
      PeterBalch wrote:
      > Summarising the info given so far:
      > Chips Compiler Cost Comments
      > PIC 18F MPLAB C18 $400 Free "Student" ed?
      > PIC 24/30/33F MPLAB C30 $900 Free "Student" ed?
      > 16F CCS $150 No linking or libs
      > ? SDCC ? makes huge images
      > ? HI-TECH PICC-Lite ? free for
      > 16F627,16F877, 2K limit
      > Have I got that right? What other compilers have people tried?
      > It would be good to know for each compiler:
      > - what chips does it cover?
      > - cost
      > - what "free" version is available ?
      > - what are the limitations of the free version?
      > - what disadvantages does it have?
      > - website for download?
      > Why would I want to pay $900 for a compiler? Surely there are free GNU (or
      > similar) compilers available. What's wrong with them?

      Only the C30 is GNU based for their 16 bit data path PICs. I think
      $900 is overpriced in the extreme, but no one is giving away 24/30/33F
      PIC compilers. The base compiler for the 24/30/33F MCU's is GNU, which
      you can build yourself. Microchip has pointers for doing this, you just
      don't get any of the libraries - Those libraries is what you are paying
      for I think. Even CCS puts a premium on that part. I wouldnt' even
      bother with the PIC 16 bit stuff, go right for the 32 bit. Before I'd
      drop that kind of money on an antiquated architecture I'd get ARM's with
      free GCC support. The ARM programmers tend to be more pricey though as
      they are usually JTAG.
      The Microchip C18 compiler is pretty decent and quite stable. CCS
      has a cheaper 18F compiler, but IMO its pretty crippled and you end up
      going around a lot of their constructs because they are poorly
      optimized. For the 14 bit stuff (16F) CCS is a pretty good setup however.
      I've used all of these Microchip and CCS compilers, I've felt that
      HiTec was too pricey and I've never used the SDCC stuff. So, that is
      where my opinions come from. I've gone to the Microchip Master's
      conferences for years and bought the compilers at 1/2 price there, which
      makes them much more affordable. :)


      > Peter
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