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34152Re: [SeattleRobotics] PIC C programming - which compiler should I use?

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  • Doug Evans
    Dec 1, 2007

      I'm not aware of a GNU port for the PIC 14-bit architecture. If you find
      one, please let me know.

      There are some basic architectural issues that make a GNU-C port extremely
      problematic (things like the strange stack implementation and the segmented

      The other info you are looking for is readily available on the various
      product web pages.




      As to your question about actually paying for a compiler, you'll do this
      only if you find that none of these freebies fill your need. If you are
      stuck on the PIC16 series, and you are doing anything serious, you will
      eventually wind up purchasing one of these products. This is why most of the
      experienced PIC folks on the list have been suggesting that PIC newbies move
      to the PIC18 series (or even up to the 16 bit architecture). The Student
      edition of C18 (IMHO) is vastly superior to the free items available for the
      PIC16 chips. Furthermore, the PIC18 chips are mostly plug-compatible with
      the P16 chip in the same package. The price differences between the two are


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      should I use?

      Summarising the info given so far:

      Chips Compiler Cost Comments
      PIC 18F MPLAB C18 $400 Free "Student" ed?
      PIC 24/30/33F MPLAB C30 $900 Free "Student" ed?
      16F CCS $150 No linking or libs
      ? SDCC ? makes huge images
      ? HI-TECH PICC-Lite ? free for
      16F627,16F877, 2K limit

      Have I got that right? What other compilers have people tried?

      It would be good to know for each compiler:
      - what chips does it cover?
      - cost
      - what "free" version is available ?
      - what are the limitations of the free version?
      - what disadvantages does it have?
      - website for download?

      Why would I want to pay $900 for a compiler? Surely there are free GNU (or
      similar) compilers available. What's wrong with them?


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