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34150Re: [SeattleRobotics] PIC C programming - which compiler should I use?

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  • PeterBalch
    Dec 1, 2007
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      Summarising the info given so far:

      Chips Compiler Cost Comments
      PIC 18F MPLAB C18 $400 Free "Student" ed?
      PIC 24/30/33F MPLAB C30 $900 Free "Student" ed?
      16F CCS $150 No linking or libs
      ? SDCC ? makes huge images
      ? HI-TECH PICC-Lite ? free for
      16F627,16F877, 2K limit

      Have I got that right? What other compilers have people tried?

      It would be good to know for each compiler:
      - what chips does it cover?
      - cost
      - what "free" version is available ?
      - what are the limitations of the free version?
      - what disadvantages does it have?
      - website for download?

      Why would I want to pay $900 for a compiler? Surely there are free GNU (or
      similar) compilers available. What's wrong with them?

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