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33484Re: [SeattleRobotics] Car batteries as a power source

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  • The Earl
    Nov 1, 2007
      There are 24V SLA batteries used in electric wheelchairs that would
      work perfectly for your solution. The battery supplier could get you a
      24V charger as well, and maybe a charger controller that would allow
      you to charge and use at the same time

      The Earl

      On 10/31/07, l m lau_l99-at-yahoo.com.au |6812-the|
      <...> wrote:
      > Hello,
      > I am after a 24v power supply, that can deliver high
      > current (50+ amps) as I am playing around with RC
      > hobby brushless outrunners that are on the larger side
      > of things. Anyway, I was having a chat to a friend
      > about power supplies that could power these motors,
      > while in a fixed installation for testing etc. He
      > suggested car batteries in series to get 24v out of
      > them. I have had a bit of a look on the web about this
      > and come across a guy who used car batteries in a UPS.
      > He suggested Bi-Carb soda in a tray under that
      > batteries to neutralise any acid leak and provide
      > decent ventilation, as they release hydrogen when
      > charging.
      > My main question is; is it possible, or a good idea to
      > try and sort out a method of charging the batteries,
      > while I am actually drawing from them? Can anyone
      > point me in the right direction for something similar
      > to this? Or does anyone have any better ideas?!
      > Thanks again!
      > Laurence McLean
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