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32972[SeattleRobotics] Continuous trajectory to discrete trajectory transform and the programming example

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  • PeterBalch
    Oct 1, 2007

      > suppose I have a continuous trajectory (position vs time),
      > but in the real implementation in programming, I will have to use or
      > transform to the discrete time.

      Can you be more specific? What does the trajectory look like? How is it
      defined or generated? How accurately do you need to follow the trajectory?
      What effector are you using and how is it controlled?

      > Btw, does anyone have an example of PID programming in a microcontroller?
      > share if you don't mind.

      As a general question to everyone: how often do you use someone-else's code
      in that way? How often do you import code written by someone else and
      integrate it into your own program on a microcontroller?

      For my part, I very rarely do. For instance, I wouldn't even consider doing
      it for a PID controller. I reckon that by the time I've found a good one,
      understood how it works and how to interface to it and integrated it into
      my own program, I'd have taken twice as long as if I'd just read the theory
      and written my own. But that could be an irrational prejudice. Sure there
      is very primitive code like, say, integer multiply that I might download
      and there's very complex code like TCP/IP that I'd buy from somewhere but
      those are well documented, well written examples from proper "libraries".

      I realise that other people do ask for code; so do you actually find it
      ever helps? Maybe I'm missing out on something good!

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