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24226Re: [SeattleRobotics] Does anyone know of a Servo Control Authority?

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  • Nate W
    Jun 1, 2005
      Almost all of the RC servos on the market today use the signaling
      protocol that tbrenke@... described earlier: a 1-2 millisecond
      pulse repeated 40-60 times per second; a 1.5 millisecond pulse tells
      the servo to move to center. Futaba and JR have different opinions
      about whether a longer pulse means clockwise or counter-clockwise
      rotation, but other than that they're all compatible.

      There are many good web pages out there that explain the details, here's one:

      There are a few servos on the market that support much higher
      signaling rates - high-end servos intended for use with gyro sensors
      for tail rotor pitch control servos for RC helicopters. Most of those
      are still backward compatible with the signaling described above - the
      Futaba 9251 may not be, but I'm not certain.

      On 6/1/05, Mr S <szinn_the1@...> wrote:
      > The AMA member that I know says that there doesn't
      > seem to be any standard for control of servos.
      > Apparently all the manufacturers seemed to do their
      > own variation some years ago. Its only recently become
      > a more standard kind of interfacing process.

      Nate Waddoups
      Redmond WA USA
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