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24207Re: [SeattleRobotics] Does anyone know of a Servo Control Authority?

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  • tbrenke@verizon.net
    Jun 1, 2005
      off hand, I would say no.
      most are modeled after the RC radios.
      1-2mS pulse repeated at least every 30mS
      1.5mS center.

      if you can run the pulses closer together, then you can get more torque
      from the same servo.

      leehearn82 wrote:

      >This may seem to be a strange question, and I am sure that most of us
      >know how to control a servo, but is there any official authority on
      >the matter. I am trying to find an official reference to a control
      >method for servo's, and cant seem to find one anywhere.
      >I have managed to locate a large number of servo's and there
      >associated control methods, but is there like a governing body that
      >has a specification or even a guideline stating the voltage's and
      >pulse widths and time periods and there tolerances?
      >Hope someone knows, coz its got me.
      >Thanks heaps
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