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22662Loading Buffalo into NVRAM

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  • mtn_biker37
    Mar 1, 2005
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      Hello everyone,

      I have one of the old (but still useful) EVBU boards with a HC711E9 on
      it. I've interfaced a DS1230 (32K x 8) NVRAM for use in expanded
      mode. My question is how do I load the Buf34.s19 the NVRAM? I've
      already cleared the ROMON bit in the config register. In Bootstrap
      mode, you can't see the expanded NVRAM (or at least I don't know how
      to access it). The 32K starting address is $8000, which seems like
      the common thing to do(Handy Board, and a couple of other boards I've
      looked at).

      Thanks for the help!

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