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22227Re: [SeattleRobotics] Low light cameras?

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  • Rich Chandler
    Feb 1, 2005
      Jay Beavers wrote:
      > We've been very pleased with the ability of the Logitech to pick out an
      > orange code in indoor and outdoor environments in a variety of lux
      > conditions. My wife had to spend some time tuning our software to figure
      > out what the range of RGB values are that correspond to "orange" under
      > different lighting conditions. The ironic thing is that if you take the
      > center numbers of the RGB ranges she came up with and write that color to
      > the screen it looks grey to a human eye. However this approach seems to
      > work very well for positive detection of orange without false detections, so
      > it must be something about the YUV components of "orange" that is more
      > detectable to a computer.

      That's one of the reasons Hunters wear orange. To us, it's very bright, to
      Deer, who see in black and white, it's gray.
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