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20370Re: Chassis for Magellan like robot.

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  • jay_c_beavers
    Oct 1, 2004
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      I'm with you. I like the software but pretty hardware challenged.

      I followed the pattern of the UPenn's GRASP project and used a
      Tamiya TXT-1 monster truck as the chassis

      I have a pretty detailed description of the parts I assembled and
      the changes you have to make to the stock TXT-1 chassis on
      http://cylonrobot.blotspot.com The GRASP site also has a changes
      list that talk about how to "robot-ize" the TXT-1 chassis.

      - jcb

      --- In SeattleRobotics@yahoogroups.com, Ben Greear <greearb@c...>
      > Hello!
      > I was inspired by the Robo fest to attempt to build a robot that
      > compete in the Magellan challenge. I feel that I will have a good
      > at doing clever things with software, but at hardware I am much
      > a newbie. So, I was hoping to get a mostly pre-built chassis with
      > train and then spend my main effort interfacing a small PC
      > with motor controllers, GPS, cameras, compass's etc....
      > Any suggestions for such a chassis?
      > Thanks,
      > Ben
      > --
      > Ben Greear <greearb@c...>
      > Candela Technologies Inc http://www.candelatech.com
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