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19233Servo burn out

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  • Lyle Joseph Chamberlain
    Aug 11, 2004
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      Hi guys,

      I've been converting a 1/6 scale rc car to robotic control, complete with
      an IMU and GPS. More on that later when I have time to put together a web

      Here's my problem: yesterday the steering servo burned out for no
      apparent reason. I built custom servo-driving electronics (a mux from the
      rx and the uc). The servos run off of a 5-cell NiMH pack. We have used
      the current circuitry many times before. So yesterday while the car was
      sitting on the test bench, the servo started
      smoking and the motor heat sink got pretty warm before I could turn off
      the power. No commands were being sent (except perhaps a little radio
      noise, but the servos weren't twitching). The servo was not jammed (as
      far as I can tell) and the front wheels were in the center of their

      I opened up the servo. The metal gears were fine, and it had full range
      of motion. It looks like som surface mount resistors next to a transistor
      got really hot and melted the case (smoke).

      The only think I can find wrong with MY circuitry is a loose power
      connection. The ground pin from the servo batteries was loose. The
      driving signal (which was inactive?) comes from another battery. Could
      spotty power cause a nice digital RC servo to get confused and
      self-destruct? Oh yeah, the throttle servo, a smaller digital, was
      connected to the same power, and it's fine. I've got to replace the dang
      thing, but I'm afraid. Anyone ever see anything like this before?


      -Lyle Chamberlain
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