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  • V T
    Jun 20, 2004

      I am an absolute beginner in Robotisc.

      My friend who is a school teacher invited me to take part
      in a project for his class. We are going to do it for free,
      for the school does not have funds for it. :-)

      His idea is to develop a set of computer programs
      to control one or several robots' moving on the floor of
      a room. The robot(s) must be watched by a web cam
      connected to the computer which processes data
      and sends commands through a wireless channel
      (so the robots can have neither sensors nor processors,
      only servo motors and devices which control them).

      He thinks that in that way we could create an initial
      course on robotics with minimal expenses.
      He thinks that toy cars etc. which have remote
      controls can be used as such robots (they will
      need additional work of course).

      If something will come out of it, next year the
      school's management may provide some financing.

      I am a C/C++ programmer with experience in
      some fields very far from robotics. And my current
      job has nothing to do with it. But the idea interested
      me, and I am ready to spend some time on it.

      May be some of the lists members have worked on
      something similar. What do you think of the idea ?
      Can it be done ?
      We would be very thankfull for any information and/or

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