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14662Re: [SeattleRobotics] Move files between two laptops (W95/W98)?

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  • Dennis Clark
    Sep 2, 2003
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      Thanks for the instructional. I'm a Mac person and know my way
      around that system and UNIX and Linux pretty well, but PC's I
      stopped working with about the time Windows came out (Windows 286)
      so haven't kept up with the OS at all.

      Again, thanks,

      Alan King wrote:
      > Dennis Clark wrote:
      >> One last help question,
      >> When trying to get direct cable connection to work on my W98 box
      >> Windows dorked up and lost the following files:
      >> vredir.vxd
      >> dfs.vxd
      >> msnp32.dll
      >> I've looked, their gone. I see from Google that this is a common
      >> issue - but the solution is to re-install all of the networking
      >> software from the CD-ROM! Because I got my laptop used, I don't have
      >> that CD-ROM, is there anyplace else I can get these apparently needed
      >> files?
      >> thanks and sorry about the off-topic bandwidth,
      >> DLC
      > Ah those are common probs not the normal DLL problem from extra
      > programs. Note that even without an actual CD, you likely have a win98
      > directory on your hard drive with the source files to reinstall from. I
      > will check if they're on my SE machine on my network and send if so, but
      > if not here are instructions cut and pasted to fix from your win98
      > directory if it's there, just use c:\win98 for the source:
      > Hmm did find them so attached still might need the SFC instructions for
      > other files later. Just stick these in Windows\system folder and you're
      > good..
      > dfs.vxd, vredir.vxd, msnp32.dll FIX
      > SOLUTION FOR ERROR MESSAGES ABOUT THESE FILES: dfs.vxd, vredir.vxd, and
      > msnp32.dll (WINDOWS 98).
      > * "Start" Menu > "Run" and type in sfc. This starts the "System file
      > checker".
      > * Select the "extract one file" option.
      > * Type in the name of the first file you are missing (with the .vxd
      > extension) and press "start".
      > * A window will appear with the destination and source paths
      > requested. Type in :\win98 for the source and C:\windows\system for the
      > destination.
      > * Repeat the process again substituting C:\windows\system\vmm32 for
      > the destination path.
      > * Do this for every file reported missing.

      * Dennis Clark dlc@... http://www.techtoystoday.com *
      * "Programming and Customizing the OOPic Microcontroller" Mcgraw-Hill *
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