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14646Re: [SeattleRobotics] Move files between two laptops (W95/W98)?

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  • Dennis Clark
    Sep 1, 2003
      A hearty thanks to all that responded to my dilemma. However...

      After spending an entire day trying to get "direct connection" working
      on EITHER of my laptops (missing dll files, unable to enable file
      sharing, etc.) I've decided to drop back ten and punt.

      I'm going to make that huge ZIP file, upload it to my ISP UNIX
      account, then log off and fire up my newer laptop and download the
      ZIP file(s). Just about all of my files have names longer than the
      DOS 8.3 length so using laplink sounds tedious to fix after using.

      I remember writing a DOS application that transferred files between
      two PCs several years ago as part of a datacomm class I took, but I
      can't find that code either so I'm taking the easy, if slower way out
      to avoid being an expert in a defunct (W95 and W98) OS. ;)

      Again, thanks all - I WISH that folks would write embedded and robotics
      stuff for a Mac...


      Clay wrote:
      > Dennis,
      > Both Win95 and Win98 support connecting to another PC via a null modem
      > cable and "Direct Cable Connections". You could also use LapLink for
      > this. MSDOS shipped with two programs(LSERVER.EXE & Something else I
      > think...) that would share your drives. The programs may be located on
      > the Win9x install CD within the OLDMSDOS folder. I used to have them
      > and may still somewhere.
      > I could send you a WinImage diskette image with a DOS version of LapLink
      > if you need it.
      > Later,
      > -Clay
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      > Subject: [SeattleRobotics] Move files between two laptops (W95/W98)?
      > hey guys,
      > My old IBM THinkpad 365X is passing away to be replaced by my old
      > IBM Thinkpad 600E. the 365 is running W95 and the 600E is running
      > W98. I'm spoiled by Macs all having ready to run networking and I
      > know that PC/laptops don't. So is there some way to use the serial
      > or parallel ports on these things to move data from one laptop to
      > another? I'd rather not have to move 500MB of robotics and electronics
      > data by floppy!
      > thanks,
      > DLC
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