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14371RE: [SeattleRobotics] Re: Laser Diodes from Laser Printers?

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  • David VanHorn
    Aug 1, 2003
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      At 11:39 AM 8/1/2003 -0700, Bob Dyer wrote:

      >It's pretty hard for IR light to make it through the water filling the eyeball
      >to reach the retina. Laser damage to the retina is more likely to be caused by
      >visible lasers, especially when the eye is focused to infinity. That's when the
      >collimated laser light is brought to the smallest point on the retina. The main
      >danger from IR light is to the cornea and that's minimal at these levels.

      True, but I didn't want to complicate the discussion any further. :)

      >These warnings are for lawyers. This doesn't mean you should be staring into
      >laser diodes intentionally, but the "danger" is much overstated in our litigious

      I was at a gas station a couple days ago, fueling, sitting next to a liquid oxygen truck, with a cryogenic liquid (lox?) leaking out of the back, dribbling down a very frosty stairstep, and spattering on the concrete next to the gas pump.

      As I put the grounded nozzle into my ungrounded truck, which had some unknown static charge built up on it from driving, I briefly thought that I might pull out my cell phone... Funny how you can't SMOKE within 25' of the lox truck (a placard on the truck just above the leak said so), and you apparently DARE NOT use your cell phone at a gas station, but apparently it's ok for a LOX truck to sit there leaking cryojuice (presumably LOX) at a GAS STATION, next to a GAS PUMP with heavier than air GAS VAPOURS, while I spark the grounded GAS nozzle into my ungrounded and charged GAS TANK inlet full of GAS VAPOURS.

      But since I wasn't using my cell phone, I was perfectly safe, and of course able to concentrate on their commercials over the speakers at the pump...

      What the hell. :)
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