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14369RE: [SeattleRobotics] Re: Laser Diodes from Laser Printers?

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  • Bob Dyer
    Aug 1, 2003
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      It's pretty hard for IR light to make it through the water filling the eyeball
      to reach the retina. Laser damage to the retina is more likely to be caused by
      visible lasers, especially when the eye is focused to infinity. That's when the
      collimated laser light is brought to the smallest point on the retina. The main
      danger from IR light is to the cornea and that's minimal at these levels.

      These warnings are for lawyers. This doesn't mean you should be staring into
      laser diodes intentionally, but the "danger" is much overstated in our litigious


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      From: tfrohaly

      Yeah, I've got a recommendation. Have you seen
      those labels inside the printers, the ones
      that say something to the effect of "Warning:
      invisible laser radiation, avoid exposure to beam" ?
      Nothing personal, but only an idiot would
      consider using those laser diodes in a way
      where other people could unknowingly get their
      retinas fused. Most, if not all, robotics
      applications fall into that category.

      Besides the fact that it's dumb, using the
      lasers in this manner can be illegal (especially
      if you also drive excess current through them to
      increase the power).
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