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12128Re: [SeattleRobotics] current limit?

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  • Dairyo Gokan/Studio NAND L.L.C.
    Nov 1, 2002

      There is no way limit current 5A for 1 ohm load with keeping
      supply voltage 12 volts. To limit current 5A for 1 ohm load,
      you must reduce supply voltage 5 volts or less.

      The physical laws and phenomenons are fair for everything in

      To import a current limiter to your project, you have to detect
      load current and feedback it to the voltage regulator to control
      output voltage.

      Generally, a resistor with low resistance value is used to detect
      the load current. By measureing the voltage drop between both sides
      of the resistor, It is possible to know that how much current is
      flowing in the closed circuit.

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      Subject: [SeattleRobotics] current limit?

      > yall,
      > what do i do to limit current in a circuit?
      > i have about a 12v source i wanna connect to about a 1 ohm load,
      > limit to about 5A and have the supply stay around 12v.
      > suggestions?
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